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Eléonore Lemaire has been developing her skills as a pedagogue as an aikido teacher for a while, and has a keen interest for the transmission. Her work with Les Concerts de Poche, with whom she met with a neophyte public with various background and cultures has profoundly change her way of seeing her work as an interpret and a creator. She has decided to intricate her stage reflexion to pedagogy, as an artistic gesture, 

Educational workshops

simply pass on

In 2018, Eléonore Lemaire has created for the 19th quarter of Paris a workshop "autour de l'opéra".

She links the classical gesture to the european history, and a specific way of telling stories.

She is now thinking of other workshops, around the music of the daily sounds, the link between spoken and sung voices, and between the gesture and the voice.

Social and cultural actions

building a closeness with the audience

The workshops Eléonore Lemaire has animated for les Concerts de Poche had a huge impact on her, and started a profound thinking about the meaning of her work. She built together her stage creation and social actions, to built an artistic relation with the audience, and furthermore link both of them, like with the "Dans un train/wagon-zac" creation.

Dans un train/wagon-zac social actions fr

Aïkido teacher

Eléonore Lemaire has been practicing aïkido since her 6 years old, and is teaching it since 2008 in the Kodokan Paris XV. She is leading a deep réflexion about pedagogy, especially for the youngsters.

She is 4th dan, BF and owner of a CQP.