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During these last years, Eléonore Lemaire has develop her artistic identity through different forms of creations. First by creating various recitals, then trzby collaboring with the stage director Benoist Brumer in creating small forms of operas,  and since 2018 by signing her first creations (writing and staging) for the Ballets Confidentiels. All these projects are exploring the relationship which can be built between the audience and the performers.


Meeting Johanne Saunier, choreographer, in 2018 on the Homo Instrumentalis production has been a true calling for Eléonore Lemaire, who has find an artistic soulmate. She is now performing for the Ballets Confidentiels, and signing her firsts creations for this compagny. Staging (Dans un train/wagon-zac), composition (Ephemera 1 et 2, the art of calling), dramaturgy (La Prisonnière des Sargasses), she allows herself to express her creativity in every form calling.


Eléonore Lemaire has met Benoist Brumer in 2010 during a production of de Falla's "Master Peter's puppet show" staged by Benoist Brumer. From this time they begin an artistic collaboration which help her explore on a long-term basis different sides of her artistic personality. They work together on the element118 project, and together they build small opera forms, now compiled in the Objets Lyriques de Proximité incubator. Mozart's Le Directeur de Théâtre (der Shauspieldirektor), Verdi's Traviata , and next season Offenbach's Le 66. They are also working on the children opera Arrobazze (music by Xavier Delaroyère).


Since her first recital, "France-Russie" for the "Jeunes Talents Lyriques", Eléonore Lemaire kept searching a way of proposing in a simply fashion a  sharp repertoire. Her "Populaire(s)?" recital, for the Blancs-Mesnils stage, or "USA!" for the "Opéra côté cour" festival embrace a large and eclectic panel of repertoire. Since 2013, she teamed with her baryton friend Laurent Bourdeaux to creare a closeness lyrical duet, which plays on classical music festivals, but also on less conventional places. Their repertoire and programs are now compiled in the Objets Lyriques de Proximité incubator.